Activation of the Amber Plan or Silver Alert

A: An Amber Plan is basically when radio stations work with the law together to help and try and find kids that got abducted. Every radio station needs to stop whatever is going on and tell listeners about the alert and info about how they might find the kid.

B: The Silver Alert however, is when the radio works with the law to find seniors with mental problems that have gotten lost or hurt and can’t be found anywhere. It’s basically the same process as the Amber Plan.

C: The Amber Plan is used whenever a kid under 17 years old or with pretty serious mental problems gets abducted and the cops think that they could get really hurt or killed, and they have enough info about the kid, abductor or the car they may be in. They should first be sure that it’s the most likely case that the kid got abducted and there’s actually enough info to give out to the public for them to help at all.

D: A Silver Alert gets used when the person is over 65, they live in Texas, have a mental illness, the report was given before they were gone for 3 days, and of course, there needs to be enough info to give the public.

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