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I Started doing this years ago but things have changed a little bit and now we see a lot of blood draw cases and they are defending them the majority of the times out practices dedicated you know exclusively to DWI Defense and it seems like about 80 % of our cases are blood draw cases, how about you guys out there and I don’t know about every jurisdiction, is it that blood draws are happening predominantly in every jurisdiction? Raise your hand if you are? Is there anybody who doesn’t see blood draws? So like every day of the week, someone can get a blood draw and take it to Hospital? No? What County are you in? Interesting, alright, well it sounds like its sweeping Texas and we need to know more about it. So, I’ve got a couple of interesting videos. If you’re offended they told me to tell you if you’re offended by needles then, cover your eyes unlike well this is what we are all dealing with so nobody should be squeamish when we are saying what actually happens at the police station and a couple of videos have some foul language. I’ll try to alert you with that. So if you refuse a breath test, we know that they can get a warrant and draw your blood, unfortunately there is no way to talk your way out of it or buy your way out of it. I thought I’d start off with a little humor here, little video clip from an actual case, just listen to what this young lady says. She grew up living somewhat of a privileged lifestyle as evidenced by her comments on this video.

She said if you resist it’s going to be another charge and she said “How much?” He said “No ma’am you don’t understand it’s another charge against you”. She thought that she could just, how much and come on let me pay for my way out of this.

So I’d like to start off by showing you an actual Blow Draw. We’re going to do a real blow draw up here and I’ve done this before in a couple of presentations but it was a little bit hard to get everybody to come from Houston so we videoed. We did 2 Blood Draws for this presentation, one wrong and one right. When you’re watching videos I know probably everybody has seen a blood draw video before at the station. We don’t usually get the hospital videos of the blood draws and you can watch a blood draw video and you know what? After it’s over you can think “it looks perfectly fine, I don’t see any problems with that”. I want to show you something here and see if you see any problems and when you’re done its about 6 minutes I’ll ask you to tell me the things that you noticed that you might think are wrong or maybe this is the one that is perfectly correct.

All right close your eyes if you’re scared of needles.

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