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This is what some hospital vials may look like. You’ll see all kinds of different things. These two at the top they are kind of clear tops and we really didn’t know what those were. I hadn’t seen those before and sometimes you’ll see pediatric tubes from a hospital and they are like 4 mil, real small and you need to always look and see what the amounts of the additives are because it matters in order to preserve to specimen properly but you’ll see all kinds of things from hospital draws and we talked about this 15 – 30 degrees down no more than 2 sticks umm Phlebotomy essentials and everything I’ve read sometimes the inserts in the boxes will say don’t stick a subject more than two times period. If you can’t draw blood after two different sticks don’t draw blood from them go get a supervisor do something else but don’t draw blood. No body follows that. I’ve seen people trying 3 times, many times. You definitely don’t want to use the same needle to stick a person twice can you imagine somebody taking out a needle where they couldn’t get blood and then taking that same needle and sticking it somewhere else.

Does somebody think that’s an okay practice? That seems like a terrible practice and nurses and blood drawers we’ve asked to do this forensically they say I would never ever stick a person with a same needle that I just removed from their arm you throw it away you get a new one they’re not that expensive and there’s too much risk of infection and contamination. Watch this one though.

The guy gets stuck 3 times with the same exact needle. We did try this case and we actually called as a witness for us one of the other blood drawers that the police department uses that this person knows and I said “hey what do you think about what this person did” she said that’s terrible practice and I would never do that and so a person that normally would’ve been called as a state witnessed did a blood draw and a DWI and we called her to testify for us she said “yeah I watched it and I completely disagree with the procedure, you should never do that”.

It still ended up in a guilty verdict. What’s that? Were the blood results admitted?

I think we got them suppressed but there were some other really bad facts about the case. We didn’t get it suppressed on this improper blood draw procedure though and on the third time the guy just, in pain. But you see there’s no replacement of the equipment, same needle. She’s going to go for a third stick. So that’s a good example of a very bad blood draw procedure so we’ve got a couple of minutes left and I need to want to show a few more things.

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