Casinos and Used Car Sales: The Criminal Justice System

The used car sales, Part 4 of 12

Going back to the example, if all 1000 persons charged, guilty or innocent, demand a Jury Trial, a court would cease to operate in a matter of a few months. There are just not enough human or economic resources to have that many trials.

The same happens if a Prosecutor insists on unreasonable or maximum punishment in every case, the accused has no choice but to demand a Jury Trial and have the case and punishment decided by a Jury or a Judge. And every day spent on a Jury trial, results in more cases filed daily in the court, adding to the inefficiency.

Using the example, 25 trials equal 2.5% of a court’s caseload. So what happens to the 97.5 cases left, plus all the other cases filed daily? As a client told me: “a bad deal is better than a good fight in Court.” And many times, with a skilled, experienced lawyer, deals are reached that are good for both sides and avoid the risks, inefficiencies, and expenses of Jury Trials.

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