Full Custody Arrest Procedure

If the officer determines that a custody arrest is appropriate and the situation cannot be controlled by a general complaint citation or other alternative means, the following procedure must be pursued:

A. The arresting officer must transport the prisoner to the jail facility.

B. The officer must contact jail personnel by the intercom.

C. The prisoner and any small items of property must be surrendered to the jail intake officer inside the area where the prisoner must be searched prior to entry into the jail security area. Any large items of property belonging to the pris- oner must be submitted to the Property Room. Officers must have any traffic or general complaint citations ready to be placed in the prisoner’s property at the time of booking.

D. The intake officer must place the prisoner in a holding cell pending the jail supervisor approval of the arrest.

E. The arresting officer must relate the details of the arrest to the jail supervisor.

F. If the jail supervisor determines that probable cause exists for the arrest and that there are no other viable alternatives, the arrest must be approved and the officer must complete the jail registration form, the Criminal History Report Form (CR-43), the appropriate affidavits and warning sheets when applicable, and present them to the jail supervi- sor. In addition, the Supplemental Criminal History Report Form (CR-44) will be applicable on multiple arrests.

G. The jail supervisor must process the jail registration form while the arresting officer completes any additional reports relating to the investigation.

H. Any general complaint citation written by the officer must be listed by charge and citation number in the first line of the narrative of the report.

I. The jail supervisor must forward the affidavit and warning sheet to the judge conducting the warnings.

J. Evidence

All evidence will be submitted to the Fort Worth Police Property Room.
Absolutely no weapons or other dangerous evidentiary items will be permitted into the jail supervisor office.

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