Notification of Next of Kin

A. When somebody is sure to be dead, and the closest person in their family can be found, it’s the responsibility of the medical examiner. Cops should not take any ID from a dead body.

B. If the dead body can’t be connected with a person, or the closest person in their family can’t be found, the medical examiner can ask for help from the department. If they need a fingerprint, the crime scene cop will take them.

They’ll then fill out a sheet where they’ll record whose prints they are, and a copy of that will be handed over to the homicide unit lieutenant. If they can’t track them down, there will be a box outside their office for them to find later. Also, basically anytime the medical examiner needs help, it should go through the lieutenant.

C. The lieutenant in charge of the unit is in charge of going through with the requests for help and then forwarding the results they get to the medical examiner’s office.

D. The family member person who is called that is related to the dead person shouldn’t be farther than their spouse, parents, or immediate family.

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