<h1>Parents of United States citizen</h1> <p>The third segment of the &ldquo;immediate relative&rdquo; category,&nbsp;now entitled to enter without regard to the numerical limi tations, are the parents of United States citizens, such citi zens being at least 21 years of age.</p> <p><br />&ldquo;Parent&rdquo; is a defined term and means a parent who is&nbsp; such by reason of relationship to a &ldquo;&lsquo;child&rdquo; within the statutory contemplation.</p> <p>Thus it may include a stepparent,&nbsp;the mother of a child born out of wedlock, or an adoptive&nbsp;parent, if the statutory prerequisites are met. However,&nbsp;in order to be a &ldquo;parent&rdquo; within the contemplation of the&nbsp;statute his &ldquo;child&rdquo; must have qualified as such within the&nbsp;statutory definition at the time their relationship was stablished. The parent is not disqualified because the&nbsp;child is now married and over 21 if the child satisfied the statutory definition at the time the relationship was estab- lished.</p>
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