<h1>Punishment Jury Trial Marihuana</h1> <p>PUNISHMENT</p> <p>On the 11th day of August 2015 the following proceedings came on to be heard in the above-titled and numbered cause before the Honorable Cheril S. Hardy, judge presiding, held in Fort Worth, Texas, reported by machine shorthand utilizing computer-aided transcription</p> <p>P R O C E E D I N G S<br />THE COURT: Y&rsquo;all want to visit and see if you&rsquo;ve got an agreement? THE COURT: We&rsquo;re going to begin the punishment. Is the State ready?<br />MR. MARCUM: State is ready to proceed, Your Honor.<br />THE COURT: defense ready?<br />MS. KEENE: We are, Judge.<br />THE COURT: I understand that we have an agreement. MR. MARCUM: Yes, Your Honor.<br />THE COURT: Tell me what that is.<br />MR. MARCUM: The State agreed we would agree to a $500 fine, 90 days probated over 18 with the conditions set by the Court.<br />THE COURT: Ninety over 18?<br />MR. MARCUM: Correct. THE COURT: Is that your understanding as well?<br />MS. KEENE: That&rsquo;s correct. THE COURT: I don&rsquo;t know what the court costs were two years ago. They&rsquo;re 384 now. So the jury has found you guilty. The<br />&emsp;<br />fine will be $500 plus court costs. We&rsquo;ll give you time to pay that. Can you come Wednesday or Thursday?<br />THE DEFENDANT: Yes. THE COURT: Which one?<br />THE DEFENDANT: Wednesday. THE COURT: Actually, it needs to be Wednesday morning. I&rsquo;m sentencing you to 90 days in Tarrant County Jail probated for 18 months. A condition of your probation is DWI education class, substance abuse evaluation, victim impact panel class, 24 hours of community service. You must have an interlock. It&rsquo;s a condition of probation. Mandatory. Do you have one?<br />THE DEFENDANT: I&rsquo;ve had one for two and a half years.<br />THE COURT: Well, it&rsquo;s mandatory that you have to have one. It&rsquo;s not mandatory that you have to have one the entire term, although it would be if you got one after September 1st. We&rsquo;re going to talk about that when you come on Wednesday. I&rsquo;m probably gonna reduce your term from 18 to 12 months and see what we can do about the interlock. There&rsquo;s no alcohol, no field sobriety test refusal, no blood or breath test refusals. I don&rsquo;t think it&rsquo;s going to happen. So I will see you Wednesday morning. I&rsquo;m sorry. (Punishment concluded)</p>
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