<h1>Temporary Visitors for Business or Pleasure</h1> <p>This category includes any alien, other than one in the&nbsp;student, temporary worker, or foreign information media&nbsp;categories,having a residence in a foreign country, which he has&nbsp;no intention of abandoning and who is visiting the United States temporarily for business or temporarily for pleasure.</p> <p>There are three elements in the statutory formula: an&nbsp;unabandoned residence in a foreign country, a temporary&nbsp;visit, and a mission for business or pleasure.</p> <p>A visitor who does not meet these standards will be classified as an immi&nbsp;grant, and will have to meet the requirements prescribed for<br />immigrant status.2 Classification symbols for nonimmi&nbsp;grants admitted under this section are: B-l, temporary&nbsp;visitor for business; B-2 temporary visitor for pleasure.&nbsp;Persons seeking to enter the United States improperly&nbsp;often have sought and sometimes have achieved admittance&nbsp;under the guise of visitors.</p> <p>Therefore the consular and the immigration officers are alert to determine whether the&nbsp;purported visit is bona fide. Obviously, their determinations&nbsp;involve discretion and judgment, based on the surrounding&nbsp;circumstances.3 However, the administrative officials can&nbsp;not deny temporary entry on the basis of speculations and<br />imputations, unsupported by substantial evidence.</p>
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