<h1>Who may practice before the Service or Board of Immigration appeals</h1> <p>Who may practice before the Service or Board</p> <p>(1) Admission to practice not prerequisite. At one time there was a general requirement, subject to some exceptions,&nbsp;that no person would be permitted to practice before the Service or the Board unless he had applied for and been admitted to practice. However, this requirement was eliminated in 1958, and special admission to practice is no longer a prerequisite.</p> <p>(2) Attorneys in the United States. A general statute applicable to all federal agencies now authorizes any at torney in good standing to represent others before any federal agency, upon filing a written declaration that he is currently qualified and is authorized to represent the party for whom he appears.</p> <p>Any attorney in good standing now may represent persons before the Service or Board.</p> <p>(3) Law students and law graduates. The regulations authorize representation under prescribed conditions by a law student enrolled in the final year of an accredited law school or a law school graduate not yet admitted to the bar.</p> <p>(4) Foreign attorneys. Attorneys residing and practicing law in foreign countries are now authorized to represent persons before the Service or Board.</p> <p>(5) Accredited representatives of recognized social agencies. A person may be represented by an accredited representative of a non-profit religious, charitable, social service, or similar organization recognized by the Board.</p>
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